Which One's for Me?

Whether it's eco-tourism in Mexico or a high school in Japan, EIL Explore offer a variety of diverse experiences throughout the world for participants to travel, learn, and change -- both personally and within their community. On your return, all participants are required to complete an Action Project that reflects and shares their learning with their community. 

EIL Explore awards are funded travel opportunities for people who are interested in the personal challenge of becoming a global citizen, while exploring and immersing themselves world cultures. See the lists of Explore awards below to learn more about what options are available to you. With a wide range of ages and themes, there is an EIL Explore award for everybody!

Could you be an ambassador for Ireland in Japan? Or live amongst the volcanic landscapes and rainforest in Ecuador? From youth leadership & activism in the U.S. to studying abroad in Brussels, EIL Explore has a range of options for young global citizens.

Whether you're a mature student looking for a challenging summer experience, or an active retiree looking to experience a new culture and lifestyle, click on one of the many options for our 18 and over global citizens to see which one is right for you!