Explore Japan 

Age profile: 16  - 17  years of age (on 1st of June 2018)

No. of places available: 1

Travel Dates: End of June 2018

Destination: Suwa region, Japan

Duration: 4 weeks

What's included:

  • Return flights from Ireland to Japan
  • Return transfers via Narita Airport
  • Full board and accommodation with Japanese families
  • Experience of attending a Japanese High School
  • Visits to local schools & community to introduce Ireland
  • Japanese language classes
  • 24 hour in country support by the Japan-Ireland Friendship link

"My trip to Japan was something that spawned right out of my wildest dreams. Living and experiencing the Japanese way of life that was so intertwined with its beautiful culture and kind people, was something that not only satisfied the Japan enthusiast inside of me but also shaped me as a person who now knows of her own heaven on earth! "  - Katie, 2016 

This exciting four-week programme is based in the beautiful region of Suwa, located in the Japanese Alps about two hours to the south of Tokyo. During this time, you will act as an Ambassador for Ireland, sharing Irish culture and tradition as you learn about that of Japan. The Award is fully funded by EIL and the Japan-Ireland Friendship Link.

This is an exciting opportunity for a young person with a zeal for Irish culture and a genuine interest in Japan. 


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