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Vietnam on the Senses (Part 2)

As previously mentioned in my last blog, I have immersed myself wholeheartedly into my 8 week stay in Vietnam. However I never expected to fall in love with a place in such a short period of time. Between the culture, the people and the beauty; my senses were overloaded everyday. Living in a house with transient volunteers was both exciting and heart breaking in equal measures. We were extremely lucky to have our very own chef who cooked us amazing Vietnamese dishes everyday for lunch and dinner. With anything up to 30 volunteers staying at the same time, mealtime was an extremely social experience. We congregated in the common room

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Cultural Exchange in Vietnam

  My trip so far has been full of cultural exchange. It has of course included trying a lot of Vietnamese foods, listening to new music, having new experiences and interacting with people in a new way. Not only this, but living in the VPV house, which is full of international volunteers, has given us the chance to educate each other about our own cultures. Twice already we have had a culture night, where different groups put their cultures on exhibition. The Irish were first… It meant playing the Bodhrán, Irish dancing (very badly), and singing Irish songs (even worse). More recently, I had the opportunity to teach some Vietnamese

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Vermont – A Life Changing Experience

Life changing. As we went around the closing circle of the Governor’s Institute of Vermont (GIV) Current Issues and Youth Activist Programs last day those two words echoed in my head. From the moment myself, Rose, Katie, David, Aideen, Aine and Rachel arrived in Vermont jet lagged, tired and apprehensive I knew this experience was going to stay with me for the rest of my life. This programme describes itself as appealing to those who have a keen interest in activism and politics and they are certainly correct. Everyday we were involved in interesting and sometimes tough discussions on a variety of topics from Gun Control to Sexual Harassment, each

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My Vermont Experience

When I first started tapping in my responses to the application for the EIL youth leadership award, I could never have imagined the adventure I was beginning. On the 30th of June this year I was lucky enough to get to venture to Vermont with 5 amazing young Irish leaders and a fabulous chaperone, Rachel. I had no real clue what I was getting myself into, with a headlamp and a travel fan packed I was curious and excited to see what this trip had in store. We arrived in Brattleboro at 10pm in the dark, and I quickly realised that this camp was like nothing I’d experienced before, as

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The Beauty of La Ventanilla

Hello world! I’m writing from from my hammock in the “jungle” while I am being eaten by mosquitoes. I have 2 infections and with some fabulous people surrounding me, that’s how I am able to write this wonderful update right now. (Thank you Paola ¡!! You are the best 😉 ). Since being here in the jungle, I truly realise and experience how we take the little luxuries of life for granted. Having an oven, a fridge, or running water not to mention hot water, or being able to put the dirty laundry into a machine seem so distant to me right now. On the other side, here in la Ventanilla

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