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What Japan is famous for

After spending ages trying to think of some way to structure this blog, it turns out I can’t because there are so many amazing experiences I want to share. So although this piece might skip here there and everywhere…I hope I can relay to you at least some of the excitement that I am feeling and experiencing on a daily basis.   I guess I’ll start with yet another one of Japan’s amazing ideas…Karaoke. My host mother, sister and I all went to do Karaoke but what many might not know is that Japan does Karaoke like none other. We rented out a Karaoke booth for 3 hours (which really only

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La solidaridad en el Día Mundial de los Refugiados

  Hola! My name is Brian and I am a first year mature student of Youth and Family Studies in NUIG. I am a proud native of Galway City who is currently in Quito, Ecuador for two months. Five weeks into this incredible journey and I am finally getting a moment to sit back, take a breath and somehow put this experience into words. While it has only been five weeks, it has that rather surreal feeling where time loses itself. The weeks have flown by and yet it feels like an age since I departed Ireland for this jaunt into the unknown. I have packed so much into those

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Voice – Action Project – Cormac Everard

Cormac Everard EIL Explore Action Project

Cormac Everard – Safe Sexual Health Promotion Cormac won a 2015 Global Awareness Programme Travel Award and spent 8 weeks volunteering in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Cormac’s Travel Award involved completing an Action Project, which included: Creating sexual health and safety guides (print and online) Giving presentations on safe sexual health practices to various societies in his university Writing numerous blogs about his experience in Thailand and his own activism for the EIL website How Cormac chose his Action Project: “For my action project, I did some research and compiled a short guide on where to get free condoms, and another on where to get free STI testing, primarily aimed at students

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Explore – Action Project – Andrew Wood-Martin

Andrew's slide show presentation on Family Life in Ecuador

Andrew Wood-Martin – Family Life in Ecuador Andrew won the 2015 Ecuador Travel Award and spent four weeks month learning Spanish, exploring and experiencing Ecuadorian culture, as well as spreading Irish culture. Andrew’s Travel Award included completing an Action Project, which included: Giving a presentation to 1st & 2nd year students on family life in Ecuador How Andrew chose his and presented his Action Project: “My action project focuses on something we all have: family. I brought my action project home in the hope that it would help people back home realise how important family is, and how we shouldn’t ever take it for granted. My action project was called “Family

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Connect – Action Project – Nikki Chatham

                  Nikki Chatham – Recycled Arts Nikki won the 2015 ACCESS Travel Award and spent eight weeks volunteering in Oaxaca, Mexico. Nikki’s Travel Award included completing an Action Project, which included: Writing blogs about her experiences, family, and projects in Mexico Working with local youth groups on recycled arts Writing an article for the EIL Newsletter on the evolution of an action project How Nikki chose her Action Project: “The original idea for my project was to link a women’s handcraft group with the Knitted Together Project in Dublin. My plan changed during my time in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I was working

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