"My programme with EIL Explore was a life changing experience which broadened my horizons and gave me a different perspective of the world. Now, more than ever, I feel empowered to make a change in our society and share my experiences with other people." (Diana, 2016)

EIL Explore funds overseas intercultural learning adventures which challenge participants to become global citizens.

EIL Explore is a programme that supports participants with an interest in global issues to travel abroad for the purpose of volunteering, cultural immersion, or language education through a variety of awards. Operating for 24 years, 2018 will be our most successful year with a fund of over 120,000 Euros set aside to sponsor 38 Explorers.

Awardees use their experience overseas to learn more about the global community in a supported environment that challenges them to grow personally. The vision is that upon their  return to Ireland, Explorers will have grown as individuals and will use this wonderful learning experience to be agents for change in their local community advocating for a more globally just society.

Visit 'Which one's for me?' for a full list of award opportunities and locations. 


 EIL Explore is a programme of EIL Intercultural Learning, an Irish not-for-profit organisation based in Cork which provides intercultural learning opportunities through study abroad, volunteer abroad, language training, group educational programmes, and other cultural immersion activities for about 2,000 people each year.