Explore Eurocamp 2017 - Youth camp in Germany with participants from 20 different countries

No. of places available:

Age profile: 18 (on 1st of June 2017 ) - 25 years of age

Travel dates:  July - Aug 2017

Duration: Three weeks

Partially funded

  • What's included: Accommodation, Food, Activities, Insurance.
  • What's not included: Transport (flights and trains) to and within Germany. (Note: There is a reimbursement of €100 towards transport costs)


An experience abroad can challenge you in many ways - Read more about what challenging can mean

"Meeting new people and seeing different perspectives and opinions was a highpoint for me. You learn so much talking to people and really get to see different viewpoints. I feel like I have learned a lot about different cultures, traditions and it was so interesting to hear different opinions on issues such as politics and religion." - Aisling, 2014 

EIL Explore annually invite two young Irish residents to participate in the Eurocamp. Over 80 young people from 30 different countries participate in the event. The focus will be on European identity, voluntary engagement in and for Europe, youth participation and the benefits of cultural diversity and intercultural exchange. The two selected participants should speak basic German, have an interest in International Youth Work and be 18-25 years of age. This is a partially funded Travel Award and a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to improve their German while having fun, making friends and learning! 

 Glück mit Ihrer Antrag!